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The Illinois Tobacco Quitline


The Illinois Tobacco Quitline is a FREE resource for tobacco users who want to quit for good. Our registered nurses, respiratory therapists, and certified tobacco-treatment counselors are on call 7 days a week, 7AM-11PM to answer all your tobacco-related questions and provide the support you need to break the habit. ¿Habla Español? We serve a diverse client base, with Spanish-speaking counselors and live translation services for more than 200 languages.

The Tobacco Quitline is here to help when you are ready:

1.  Reason’s to quit

•  Improves your health and the health of those in your household
•  Improves your appearance
•  Saves you money

2.  How the Quitline can help

•  Develop a quit plan and strategies
•  Quitline offers help to quit smoking through:

- Counseling
- Encouragement
- Support
- Nicotine replacement products

3. Calling the Quitline can improve your success rate of quitting by 56%

•  Open 7 days a week
•  7 a.m. to 11 p.m.
•  Contact Information:

- 1-866-QUIT-YES  or 1-866-784-8937
- Deaf or Hearing Impaired may call 1-800-501-1068
- Visit their website at: www.quityes.org

More information can be found at the IDPH website: Illinois Tobacco Free Communities