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Healthy Start, Grow Smart

About the Program
The Healthy Start, Grow Smart health education series provides vital information to parents and caregivers on best practices for early childhood development. The series offers 13 issues - one for a newborn and then one booklet for each month of the baby's life. The series also includes an information tracker for your new baby. The PDF files of the booklets are available below.

Your Newborn Baby:  English,  Spanish
Your 1 month old:  English,  Spanish Your 7 month old:  English,  Spanish
Your 2 month old:  English,  Spanish Your 8 month old:  English,  Spanish
Your 3 month old: English,  Spanish Your 9 month old:  English,  Spanish
Your 4 month old:  English,  Spanish Your 10 month old:  English,  Spanish
Your 5 month old:  English,  Spanish Your 11 month old:  English,  Spanish
Your 6 month old:  English,  Spanish Your 12 month old:  English,  Spanish