Septic System Safety & Inspection

Private Sewage Program

The Cumberland County Health Department issues construction permits, inspects installation of new or renovated sewage disposal systems, and conducts complaint investigations.  Program goals are to minimize the risk of disease transmission, as well as the reduction of adverse environmental conditions created by improper disposal of domestic sewage.

Before a private sewage disposal system can be installed in Cumberland County, an Application for a Permit to Install a Private Sewage System and the appropriate fee must be submitted to the Health Department for approval. If the system is discharging to the surface, the Not Discharging to the “Waters of the United States Attestation must be completed. It is the applicant’s responsibility to notify the health department a minimum of 48 hours prior to installation.

Who Can Install a Private Sewage Disposal System?

Licensed Private Sewage Disposal System Installation Contractors: The Cumberland County Health Department maintains a list of licensed installation contractors who have registered with the Health Department. The Illinois Department of Public Health also maintains a searchable database of Private Sewage Licensees with an Active License.

Homeowners: A person who owns and occupies a single family dwelling may be issued a permit, providing they submit an appropriate application for approval and comply with the necessary provisions. Any construction or excavation performed by any individual other than the person who owns and occupies a single family dwelling shall be performed by a licensed Private Sewage Disposal System Installation Contractor or an individual under the direct supervision of a licensed Private Sewage Disposal Installation Contractor.