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Cumberland County Illinois Health Department


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BOIL ORDER 4/15/24

Boil Order Lifted for Village of Greenup

4/17 7:28 am -The boil order has been lifted!

4/16 8:20 pm -The boil order remains in effect

As of 2:47 pm on 4/15, the Village of Greenup is under a boil order until further notice. Keep checking this post for further updates.


Consumer Reports Investigation Finds High Levels of Lead in Lunchables

An investigation by Consumer Reports has raised concerns regarding the safety of Lunchables, a popular prepackaged lunch product marketed for children. The investigation revealed that some Lunchables kits contained lead and other harmful contaminants, posing potential risks to children’s health. This comes amidst broader concerns about lead contamination in children’s food products, including recent issues with lead in children’s cinnamon applesauce products.

The investigation by Consumer Reports found that Lunchables, along with similar lunch and snack kits from other brands, contained potentially concerning levels of lead, phthalates, and sodium. Lead, a heavy metal, is particularly harmful, as even small amounts can cause developmental problems in children and health problems in adults, such as hypertension and kidney damage. Moreover, the risks associated with lead exposure are cumulative, emphasizing the importance of minimizing exposure, especially in children.

In response to their findings, Consumer Reports has taken proactive steps to address the issue, including petitioning the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) to remove Lunchables from school lunch programs.

To see more results from the investigation, visit the article at:



Laundry Pods Recalled, Including Tide Pods and Gain Flings, for Risk of Potential Serious Injury

Millions of bags of Tide Pods, Gain Flings, Ace Pods and Ariel Pods liquid laundry detergent packets are being recalled due to potential risk of serious injury, Procter & Gamble and the Consumer Product Safety Commission announced Friday. Approximately 8.2 million bags are affected by the recall. According to a CPSC release, the bags can split open near the zipper tracks, posing a serious risk of injury, especially for children, if the detergent packets are ingested. The detergent packets may also cause skin or eye injuries, and ingestion can cause death in people with underlying health conditions.

Recalled detergent bags were manufactured in the U.S. and sold from September 2023 to the present day at Big Lots, CVS, Family Dollar, Home Depot, Sam's Club, Target, Walmart, and other stores nationwide. The products were also sold online at Amazon.com and other websites. They retailed for about $5 for one 12-count bag and $30 for four 39-count bags in a box.

Details of the recall, and links to impacted products, can be found at:



Ice Cream Bars Recalled After Testing Finds Salmonella

Tropicale Foods of Modesto, CA is recalling Helados Mexico Mini Cream Variety Pack because the mango bars in the variety pack are potentially contaminated with Salmonella.

Testing on the mango bars revealed that the finished product may contain Salmonella. According to the company’s recall, the product was distributed at retail locations in Iowa, Illinois, Indiana, Kentucky, Massachusetts, Maryland, Maine, Michigan, North Carolina, New Hampshire, Rhode Island, South Carolina, Tennessee, Virginia, Wisconsin, West Virginia, Washington, DC and certain locations in Europe.

To view the affected batch details and information about Salmonella, visit the full article at:

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Check for Ticks After Outdoor Activities

With warmer weather arriving, ticks will be getting active.

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The Cumberland County Health Department’s (CCHD) Mission is to assist County Residents, of all ages, with the development and maintenance of healthy living habits through programs based on the assessment of their needs. As we look forward to 2023 and beyond, CCHD is committed to reach out to all residents by offering preventative, screening, maintenance, and safety programs that are available, accessible, and affordable. Keeping financial prudence in mind, we will grow and expand services based upon the community needs and will collaborate with other providers who share our goals and vision.
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IDPH Warns Public to Watch Out for Rabid Bats

Over two dozen cases of rabies have been verified in bats across 14 Illinois counties this year. For information about rabies and what to do if you think you've been exposed, plus tips for keeping you family and pets safe from exposure, you can read the article on our
News page

Or read the original news release on the IDPH website at:


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